Chingay 2012 V1

It was a terrible morning. First thing I did was to crash my whole box of small earrings on to the floor O: spent quite a while clearing up and destroyed three earrings in the process /: I thought I was almost late, so I rushed out and forgot to bring my hairtie. But there was nothing to rush about because in front of the bus I took was a bicycle, and so the bus was travelling at bicycle speed T____________T But in the end I still made it to school in time because 158 came fast! :D

zilian group leaders from FB2

But the next sad thing was that our FB was sooo disappointing;
Look at the other sectors full of people and look at our empty FB sector right at the front D: 

Then all the talks and briefing and some crossword puzzle that even eight leaders put together could not solve /: 

And we finally left the school for our long-haul amazing race! :D

But my group was such a disappointment ): They don't want to talk to each other while walking, they don't want to talk to each other while having lunch (that's cos they have manners and won't talk with their mouth full), and they don't want to talk to each other even as we sat on the grass! D: Even Justin tried to help, but he just totally gave up. The worst thing was that when we played the pole game, which was supposed to teach communication, they managed to complete the game without speaking! I don't know if I should be happy that they have such great 默契 or what ._.

Then tasks! :D 

After we found the slippers the next group was coming to find us so we quickly returned the slippers to make sure that they had to ask for it themselves heh XP

Our next stop was Macs, so we decided to have lunch there before continuing with our game but we went to the wrong Macs! D: Luckily we did not try to find the place yet, so that we did not need to waste our effort looking around before we realised that we were at the wrong one (:

During lunch Wei Yuan was being extremely irritating. Won't let me talk to Wilson or Lixin even when we needed to discuss stuff. He just kept on disturbing Wilson until Wilson super freaked out now hahaha. Such great entertainment :D

The next game was the skipping rope thing which was terribly fail. Me and Wilson could not turn the rope at all /: And we heard the instructions as everyone jump instead of ten people jump T___________T So Yong Liang said we only needed to jump five times instead of ten. We like only managed to jump once actually, but Yong Liang was nice enough to let us pass :D

Walking back was the most torturous thing ever. The weather was PMS-ing, and I was having stitches, and my group still disliked the idea of talking to each other. After our 7km to 8km walk I'm sunburnt and after-sun lotion isn't helping at all and there's Orientation next week T________T

Anw after we got back to school I was so tired I actually asked the volunteers if they would like me to email out the debrief materials instead of debriefing on the spot. But in the end I still debriefed while dying. And Wilson went to help me refill my bottle because he completely lost his voice already. But he still managed to end off with a pep talk! YAYEE HIM \(^_^)/

But I was super happy to know I had a volunteer who travelled down from Yishun after her school ended :D but when she arrived, she was only in time to hear me debrief. She shouldn't even have came down! I think her travelling time is like longer than the time she stayed. She should have called us before coming. We would never have let her come. I really feel damn sad for her /: But I'm so touched that I have such a dedicated volunteer <3

AAR. Wilson's sore throat turned into a fever /: Really glad he still decided to pull through the whole day with me if not I really have no idea how to face that awkward silence.