Chingay 2012 Walk-The-Ground

Siannn. No one has uploaded the pictures from Walk-the-Ground yet /:

Today I was early! I arrived at Promenade MRT at 9.25am, 5mins before our meeting time! :D But then in the end we were still late because Sheng Kang came at 9.45am and we walked the long way T____________T We jaywalked and got a shock by a bus which idk was making what weird sounds. And we were so surprised to see Yao Xing at the F1 Pit when we arrived because he left the station after us! Terrible sense of direction we have /:

Then walked around the area and saw the waterway for the first time! :D It was a pretty cool sight, but the performers were wearing Chingay shirt or their school t-shirts it was not really elaborate and spectacular. But it's alright! I'll be watching the actual performance anyway (:

After the walkthrough some of us went for lunch together at Marina Square while some others went bowling. After lunch some of us went to Dhoby Ghaut to attempt to buy materials and I had to buy waistpouches for some of my group people. Me and Riz went to Dhoby Ghaut's Daiso, Ion's Daiso, Chinatown, Bugis Street, AMK Hub and we finally found the waistpouches at the Daiso near his house! I always knew Daiso had cheap waistpouches because I saw it before, and it is still on sale! :DDD This is like my greatest achievement of the day! ^__________^

Also, because Shiyong's birthday is on the February 2, me and Sheng Kang went to get a present on behalf of all of us. And it was a super fun to buy present! It was like the first time I ever went there I was so excited! :D the naming part was a little bit of an issue but in the end we figured it out anyway (: I'll post the pictures after we give the present away >.<

When I was in Chinatown with my mommy and sisters, we went to some traditional dessert store which my mommy said her colleague showed her the pictures before and it looked real nice :3 In the end, the dessert was really pretty, with all the mixing of colours and whatnot, but the taste was not really up to standard. The strawberry shaved ice I had was soaking with the taste of HL Strawberry Fresh Milk. And the flavour is so distinct I can tell you that it is no other brand but HL Strawberry Fresh Milk.

Colleen bought a lomography camera in Chinatown with flash colours and four simultaneous shots. And she bought a new lens for her DSLR too. WHY MY POLAROID STILL WITH WEIYUAN T_____________T I WANT IT NOWWW.