So we finally got to celebrating Christmas. We have been talking about it since before PW ended until today it finally came through! :D our plan for Christmas was lunch + shopping for CNY clothes.

I went early to Orchard Road because my dad drove. And on the way I knocked into a lady and I apologised. And guess what she told me. She asked me why didn't I look! I do agree I was not looking because I was watching the advertisement TVs, so I apologised. But if she was looking how did she even knock into me! Shouldn't she be apologising for not looking as well? Why are adults always blameless in front of younger people? Why is it when someone STOMPs about an elderly standing in the train everyone notices that there is a kid wearing uniform who did not give up his seat? Whoever bothers to notice that the whole row of people who do not give up their seats include adults as well? If the adults are not going to set a good example how do they expect the children to learn the right things? Soft influence always work better, did no one tell them that? Oh and as I was standing outside the MRT station waiting for them to arrive, a young girl walked in the path of a working lady and she stopped short in her tracks to give way. But guess what the OL did? Walked past, turned her head at the teenager and scoffed at her! Seriously -.- What has happened to the upbringing of the girls born about 20-25 years ago. Actually I do know some really nice 20-25 year old ladies (: But the nicest people will undoubtedly be CLIQUE <3

Lunch, Christine had a craving for cheese noodles, so we decided to introduce it to Amanda. But it was one of those foods found in the basement, so we sat at the Taka fountain, looking a little 寒酸;

For lunch we went to Cold Storage to buy milk;
I was laughing because Huijun was making weird noises while taking the photo haha.

Then shopping at Far East Plaza where Huijun bought the most stuff. So unlike her, but at least she bought stuffs she like (: I think the shoes were the best buy :D

Christmas finally ^____^ we met Jiamin, bought a tub of Yami Yogurt and set out the Christmas stuff; 

This is me opening Huijun's present;

Then we put on the bracelets I made and took a photo;
No idea why I so happy when it's not my present and I already know what's inside ._.

Then Christine left and we continued shopping in Ion;

i love clique <3