Dreams and Reality Field Trip

I remember the first time I saw the poster for this exhibition, me, Christine and Amanda were on our way to some place for another after-school outing. And we said that we would go there as part of our post-promos activity. However, me and Amanda managed to get there today but Christine is already in Malaysia I think. And Amanda should be on her way to Malaysia now. They always get to collect their 红包钱 in ringgit hehe.

The museum trip was really rewarding because we had a tour guide who was pretty knowledgeable and wanted to show us everything until she had to leave because she exceeded the time she was supposed to spend with our group. But I don't mind if she continued to talk about all the art pieces in the room even if I had to listen for the whole day! >.< I like art, and I really like impressionism art, and this was like HEAVEN ^______^

And I finally got to see the real STARRY STARRY NIGHT by Vincent Van Gogh. The actual piece O:

And also many many impressionism paintings (the real thing from the 19th Century), including Claude Monet, Edourd Monet, Paul Cezanne, etc.;
i think her face could be prettier, like the girl in the next picture.

I guess it's easy to realise that I like impressionism paintings of scenery huh. I really like paintings without people, or with unclear people. Because it leaves behind a little ambiguity; something to guess, something to linger and something romantic about it (:

I think the school should plan more field trips to art museums / theater (WICKED would be nice) / orchestra. I really don't understand why some people do not appreciate these kind of classical stuff, and then they keep complaining there is nothing to do in Singapore. If they actually bother themselves to attend a play, or some symphony concert, there is actually like something to do every week. And it cultures them as well. Ain't it great? Especially if it's paid for by the school with guided tours to understand what we are seeing better 8)