Yesterday was Zhang Yao's birthday and the first anniversary of Blue 2! Yea, his birthday was on V1, and yet at that time no one knew /: They should have done the birthday celebration thing so we would all know lor ): But it's never too late to find out! :D

So to celebrate his 20th birthday and our Blue 2's first anniversary, we went to KBOX! Seems like we like to sing alot heh. Kbox at Bedok had a pretty interesting design, their chairs are two-tiered;

Da Yuan, Zhang Yao and Lionel gave me a belated Christmas present <3 a set of stationery from Smiggle! Pencil case, notebook, pen and a {HUGE MISTAKES ERASER}. That's what it says on the packaging, and it is really huge. Like even larger than my zilian eraser O:

And they all listened to me sing 棉花糖 solo <3 We all took turns to sing, but only Wei Yuan never wanted to hold the mike. Actually I think singing karaoke is about singing with the microphone no matter how bad you sound. That's the fun of it what.

Then when the singing ended I had to leave anyway, because Sheng Kang was celebrating his 21st birthday at the PA holiday flats. His friends designed such a nice poster for him! And Ade say my message in his book was like an essay! Where got lor. Only half a page. Quite short I think;

But anyway his birthday wall design was really awesome! Especially the cats and the Tiffany poker card and the {21} made of photos! Too bad he has not uploaded the photos, or else you all can see how chio it is! Now Ade and Deryk targeting him for NDP YPC already LOL. They say if they see my application they will reject it immediately >.<

But anw, yesterday I really had fun celebrating the birthdays of two of my good friends (: