Life This Week.

Random thought. Realise something? Both of these advertisements were launched for CNY 2012, and both have something yellow and flowy turning into water. I HIGHLY SUSPECT THESE WERE PRODUCED BY THE SAME DESIGNER BY THE SAME ADVERTISING COMPANY O: That poor guy must have run out of ideas /: But yea, we'll never know.

Back to the main point. My mummy went shopping the other day and she went to Ann Teoh's boutique. In case you don't know who Ann Teoh is, she is one of the acclaimed Singaporean designers like Thomas Wee and the like, much more upmarket than Charles and Keith and more well known for wedding gowns, though she does dresses too. Price range is $200+ to $1000+. My mummy was at one of her outlets and she happened to be there too, and she gave my mummy a super huge discount, like three dresses for $500+ only! :D So now I got a new CNY dress, which happens to be at a even more scary price than my $200 tablecloth (i'm not really talking about a tablecloth okay! my clique knows what i'm talking about), although if you divide $500 by three, it seems cheaper. But original price is not cheaper.

School this week was pretty painful. Especially the legs ): Mass PE on Monday was like 2+km and my leg has not yet recovered but we were made to run two rounds around the track today >.< The up side of school is my new form teacher! :D She's pretty, nice and watches drama too! But the new math teacher is overly result-oriented. And the 'results' she is talking about is .__________________. I am actually looking forwards to Mrs Tcheau returning now. I want Mr Ang back omg.

Assembly today was Mrs Chia and the Code of Conduct. I like to listen to Mrs Chia talk, because she really respects us as adults and she is humourous and charismatic. Like the way Mr Sng talks I think. People will listen because they understand and because they respect. These are the most effective people (:

Lastly, height and weight today. I am still under 160cm D: WHYYY! I am going to eat bananas everyday now. Sijia says some guy who is 190+cm says he eats bananas everyday O.O and weight is 41kg. WHYYY! I'm already sad as it is when I turned 40kg and now there is an extra ONE behind it D: height and weight is always the most depressing moment for the first week of school T__________T