Mass Communication Society (MCS)

This is the best CCA i've had out of my four CCAs. Art Club was productive, but a little too serious. Golf was one of the worst of the lot, therefore I quit after one year. Medical Society, I joined because of Jiazhen, but it ended up a great waste of time watching movies. MCS is pretty relaxed and easy-going, but there are also stuff to be done. I think that's what I'd like to see of a CCA.

Today was my first time at MCS as a member, and the icebreaker was like O.O I suggested the repeat the name game so that everyone will be able to get to know each other's names. And Michelle suggested the topic, which was most embarrassing thing that happened to you. It was really funny to listen to people talk about weird things that happened to them, but we promised that whatever we said stays in the room. But then we learnt how rumours are spread, because events change along the way. Most funny was Wu Ai and how her accident was summarised into three words. Zhao Hong totally missed the point of the game, he could memorise the events of the people but he used the pronouns {he} and {she} to refer to the people, he cannot remember their names .____.

MCS next week is filming CNY! I have not been part of the CNY celebration before, so I really look forwards to this opportunity (: