Blessed by Friends, Blessed by the Weather

This morning I felt so blessed to be having breakfast at Macs with my awesomest clique ~ The last time we had breakfast at Macs together was in Year 3, to celebrate the first Thursday with teachers' meetings (: Then after that we got lazy and decided to sleep in /:

I gave out the Valentine's Day presents as well;
These are passport holders so that when we go on our year-end / next year trip together we would have the same passports! :D So thoughtful of me (:

But my thoughtfulness kind of failed me when I did not check where I was ordering the stuff from. Ended up it had to be shipped in from Korea when I was hoping for it to arrive two working days after my order .____. But anyway it still came in the end which is what matters ^_______^

Then because today is Day 6 timetable, there was Mass PE for the second time of the week! >.< On Monday when I brought my after-sun cream, there was no sun. Today when I did not bring it, the weather was super hot =.= Initially I wanted to take part in Mass PE, as could be seen from my efforts to bring along my PE attire to school and get changed into it. But the weather was sooo unwilling to let me, so I had no choice but to sit inside the sheltered ISH while the others played. 人算不如天算, really.

Great day today, great weekend ahead (: