Chingay 2012 Parade Two

F1 Pit Blue Sector ~

This was supposed to be on Sunday, but I think I went delirious on Saturday night / Sunday early morning, I left my camera with Bryan after supper /: And I left my lunch box on parade grounds, and my Eeyore box and my pack of goodies from Riz with Ka Yin. Although the lunch box is more expensive, but I think I'd be more heartbroken if I lost my Eeyore box because I collect them every Christmas! One less and it'll not be complete anymore >.<

I am super shag now so I shall keep this short and sweet and only say main points, and upload only the necessary photos.

Firstly I cannot stand Each A Cup's 奶盖. The tea had no sugar in it and the 奶盖 was not salty at all. Yesterday I had to purposely go down to Gong Cha to remind myself how 奶盖 tastes like.

The amazing thing about Chingay this year is that it did not rain! I remember the first thing we were told and we tell the people who join Chingay is that Chingay will surely rain. No need to hope for a miracle. But it did not rain this year! :D

And FB is the most efficient sector ever! We finished the packing of goodie bags and placing them on the chairs first before all others! And we were super fast we even overpacked!

Then we asked the volunteers to go clean the chairs which felt sticky and I don't know how they ended up wiping all the chairs! O: it's so shocking to actually see such initiative volunteers and I'm so touched because the best thing is they are from FB2! :D

Really, I did not imagine this kind of initiative and energy when I first met them. After V1 I was complaining that they were too quiet and all that, even Justin could do nothing. But in the end they were super high and fun-loving I'm so touched to have them in my group :DDD I must have been such a great leader I could influence such enthusiasm haha 8)

I guess that marks the end of Chingay 2012, unless there is peer evaluation again T________T But nope, this is not the end of our friendship, it'll last forever and ever. And the next time I see them on the streets, it'll be nostalgia talking about this experience all over again (: