Chingay 2012 Parade One

I wanted to do this early this morning when I got home, but I fell asleep on the bus home and which kind of caused me to become super lethargic cannot do anything at all when I came home. Did not unpack my school bag full of clothes, did not wash my hair, did not brush my teeth, did not wash my waterbottle etc. All I did was to change into pyjamas and climbed into bed. I even switched my phone to silent because the FB whatsapp group was ringing non-stop /:

Yesterday started off with us staying in school until 12nn. That's like the time the volunteers were released /: And some of them saw us and asked us what were we still doing in school. But no choice, since Wu Yue and Wilson decided to finish their lessons before leaving.

Then it drizzled a little so me and Wu Yue made Bryan take a cab with us although Wilson insisted on walking to the MRT. The cab took a super long time to come Bryan kept complaining that we would arrive later than Wilson at this rate. But in the end Wilson ran back to school because he left his shoe bag in school. And we got a cab right after we said goodbye to him so we arrived at the F1 Pit before him after all! :D

While we were waiting for the volunteers to arrive;

Our sector is like always the most empty. Seems like no one likes to come early /: Besides camwhoring we did more things such as place their name tags / ponchos / armbands in the holders etc. Then when they came we only had to pass them their holders and waterbottles and collect their bags, so that it was less messy. Also, the scan-in this year was really good and fast. They should do this more often (: When they came they had to line up;

Then we had briefing;

Afternoon duties was to pack goodie bags and place them upon the chairs. And why did they not tell us that there were two separate brochures? We assumed they were all the same thing since they were stacked together and they had the same colour as well! In the end we had to check all the bags one by one and see which is missing what. And once again, things such as not enough brochures had to happen. Why. Are they trying to learn from NIKE RUN? Like I said, no harm preparing more. If there are too many, we'd gladly make the volunteers take them home. And not only Heartware people are volunteers, the dancers and motivators can get one each too. But I have to admit I was kind of touched, I haven't seen them working together like this before (':

I need to prepare to go out for Parade 2 alr so I shall stop here. But before that I want to say that what the hell is that stupid PA staff doing rolling her eyes at me during parade yesterday. It's alr bad enough that she is wearing an usher tag and completely not doing anything. She's not even sure about the seating arrangement =.=