#foreveralone day 2012

I'm celebrating #foreveralone day this year. I know I have been celebrating Valentine's Day since I knew of its existence, and for as long as Christine could remember I have been claiming that I would have a boyfriend to celebrate Valentine's with the following year. But it has not yet come true, so this year I gave up and switched to celebrating #foreveralone day. I believe at the right time, the right one would appear (: And Alicia told me something I could not agree more with;
Don't need a lover as proof that you are loved!
Who said I had to spend my Valentine's evening with a guy? I felt so loved today in any case (:

So my Valentine's evening was spent together with the one who absolutely detests Valentine's Day. She can't stand looking at all those lovey-dovey couples with their flowers, "because they are going to breakup anyway" .____. She claims she is not going to get married and all that. Valentine's does not seem at all romantic to her, I think maybe she could be good enough to join the anti-Valentine's club. But no matter how much Jiamin dislikes the Valentine's Day couples, there are some perks to Valentine's Day that are undeniably good. Such as the food 8)

Starbucks had some {Valentine's Just Got Sweeter} promotion where purchasing a set of cupcake and drink would come free with another one. So me and Jiamin went as a couple ♥ and Christine went with Joel.
It was a really good deal! After we divided the cost by two, each of us paid only $4.60, which is even cheaper than just the drink itself 8) See Amanda, the good stuff we do without you XP

Anyway, I really want to thank all those people who made me feel loved today;

Christine says February 13th is like some mass-baking night, but no I don't bake. But to those who baked, I really appreciate the efforts! I really cherish the cookies and cupcakes more than anything else usually. Especially Sijia, it's your birthday and you were giving out gifts! And I'm sorry your present just arrived in the post today. I'll wrap it up later and pass it to you tmr okay! *hint: one of them is still not yet available in Singapore* :D

To those that I did not prepare a gift for, but still got gifts for me, thanks so much I really appreciate that you guys remembered me in your list! >.< I'll be a nice friend and reciprocate sometime I promise!

For the Y5 Drakon SC Candidates, I can see your efforts! It must have taken a lot of time to personalise and handwrite every single name and card! Yu-zhen was so happy you guys remembered her dash (:

Lastly, JIAYIMMM I LOVE YOU ♥ ♥ ♥ The pig is sooo cute omg. I hope it never deflates, so that it can be so cute forever :3 But then I'll never know what's inside x:

And to my dearest clique, HAPPY DAY. Your gifts still have not yet arrived /: