Twin's 21st birthday! And only me and Shiyong represented the Bunnies ): Ade was supposed to come but she was sick. I think I'm falling sick too so I'm wondering if I should go to Shiyong's birthday tomorrow /:

This morning I was very happy because Wilson showed me something very pretty! And I just successfully made it prettier :3

This morning when Shiyong told me I would be in for a ride I did not believe him until I took his car. We were two lost sheep who kept stopping in the middle of the road / expressway to look for directions, and when his iPhone died we were literally lost.

Then we finally got ourselves to Jiayun and Jiaqi's chalet :D there was some random guy who kept talking rubbish. Then Shiyong performed magic tricks with cute bunnies! =^.^= after dinner we played mahjong and then cake-cutting. Then we left to pick Deryk up from Bugis.

However, on our way there we decided to pop by Shiyong's chalet first so he could put his things. That place is super huge and super pretty and super value for money we should all have chalets there from now on! Idk if I'm still going tmr, but I'm so glad I saw it alr :D then we started on our getting lost journey again until by the time we reached Deryk it was like 10.30pm even though we told Deryk 10pm :P

But then I realised why I am worse at roads than Deryk. Cos I look at the iPhone and after we miss the turn then I realise we were supposed to turn. Deryk looks ahead at all the road names which we are supposed to turn at. Proves that I was a history student. Cannot study geography because maps which make no sound are not suitable for me heh. I NEED GPS.