I feel like dying now seriously. My nose is blocked and I feel super heaty. No amount of water seems to be helping ): during dinner yesterday I said {我热气很重, cannot eat ice cream}. Then amanda said {ice cream is cold, will help to 降火} =.= I'm really busy this week going home after 10pm everyday from Monday to Saturday I can't afford to fall sick now D: But anw even if I fall sick what are the chances that I'll go get an MC? I could even drag myself to school with stomach flu last year just so that I would have complete attendance (:

I think our clique birthday celebrations are becoming cheaper and cheaper every year. Last time, we will buy a gift and pay for the dinner, then it became pay for the gift only. For me and Christine's birthday which was celebrated together last year, we saved on one dinner. This year we save on two dinners because Amanda and Huijun and Pearl celebrate their birthday altogether! >.<

The original plan was for me and Jiamin to leave school early so that I could go buy a waistpouch, but it was raining super heavily. When the rain stopped, it was like five minutes to the end of H1 so we decided to wait for Christine and Amanda, but then H1 dragged on for another 25mins. We should have left school first .____________.

When we got to Suntec City, we changed our plans to have Swensen's for dinner. The original idea was 拉面 at Crystal Jade. Dinner was great cos there was a free Firehouse Ice-Cream for Pearl since it really was her birthday, and we had $1 chocolate milk.

Huijun gives out one birthday card once a year, to everybody at the same time. And on her card it usually wishes Happy Birthday, Happy Youth Day, Happy Deepavali, Happy Children's Day, Merry Christmas etc. all at once. But this year it was more special. It did not wish anything but Happy Birthday. And it was for three years. You see the pink slip of post-its? I'm supposed to tear one out every year until I turn 19. And it says {Happy 17th Birthday}, {Happy 18th Birthday} and {Happy 19th Birthday}. There is even an expiry date on the card which says it expires in June 2014. So I'm supposed to get a new card in 2014? O.O

Christine had to leave early so she missed the song dedication and the shoe-buying. The song dedication at the fountain was super epic. We dedicated a song to Pearl for her birthday, and another song to Amanda called {Marry You} from the guy I approve of out of all three. Then we went into the fountain to wait. Then we read the signage which said there is only song dedication on Friday and weekend evenings D: Just as we were about to leave, Pearl's song started playing O: Then we looked up but there was no message on the water. So we wanted to find out if it was a coincidence or we really managed to dedicate the songs. So we waited and Amanda's song came out! And although there was still no message on the water, there was a LOVE laser show awww <3 Anw I think the people filtering the system also had to censor the message we wrote LOL.

Then Huijun bought a pair of shoes and some face masks.

Yup, the end for yesterday.

Later there is another birthday party and Shiyong is going to pick me up! :D
Yayee for people who drive \(^_^)/

Oh and I think Wilson has such great handwriting. Look at the gifts he prepared! I'm supposed to attach the strings now (: And he has to remake a few more too.