Sorry I'm not at your birthday party today /: but the chalet's really holy and grand and great I'm trying to ask Deryk to FaceTime me later when he reaches (: but apparently he says no need so troublesome, just make myself present to see it =.= OH AND ME AND SK STUFFED BANANANAS! :D

Anw I just packed my bag for tmr. It's like the lightest bag I have for school since the start of the year O: imagine how much less garbage i'm bringing just so that there is less things for the logs lol.

And just to talk about my weird math teacher. She told our class do not try to understand why formulas are so, just memorise so that we can take the exams! Then she just loves saying things like {when I was in 6C34, which is a good class, ...} seriously what is she trying to say when she added in the second clause? And she has to pause just to make the emphasis for it. And she does not go through tutorials at all, just write them on the board and asks us to copy down the answers. When we ask for explanation she says look at the board and figure out. WHAT. And the best thing is that she said when she was in SRJC (that's mr ang's school!), the students kept asking her to repeat the same things she quit. She even said something like how can she lower herself to their standards. BEST TEACHER EVER.

Omg how did this end up as a complaint post when it begin with happy birthday. So anw one last happy thing before I stop;