Living on $10 a day

Somewhere towards the end of December, around 27 Dec I think, I was having dinner with Deryk and Yao Xing and I took up the challenge of spending at most $10 a day for a month, until the end of January. So yup I survived. And here I am blogging about it. I didn't do it right after it ended because I took the time to gather my thoughts and reflect. Too fake. It was Pearl's birthday, then Jiayun and Jiaqi's birthday, then Shiyong's birthday, then Chingay. So not enough time to post about this heh XP

WEEK 1. JAN 01 - JAN 07
I think because it just started, I was pretty enthusiastic about keeping up with it (: And moreover it was the week before school reopened, so no one was going out because (almost) everyone was churning out their homework at unbelievable speeds. But I do remember there was a day where I went to AMK Hub and decided to eat 雪花冰, but I was $0.10 short. That's when it started to conflict. I mean if I was like $3 short, it would be easier to decide. But $0.10. To exceed or not. Well, it was only $0.10. But in the end I still overcame my craving and stayed true to myself (:

WEEK 2. JAN 08 - JAN 14
School started. I skipped lunch on Monday and then cabbed home, which was within my $10 budget. The reason I did that was because I was running a fever at 38°C and I was not hungry. So instead of having lunch during the lunch period, I took a cab home. Then for the rest of the week I was down with gastric flu, and did not even step out of the house except to see the doctor. Yao Xing says medical fees were not counted, so I technically the whole week I only spent my cab fare, and my lunch money during V1, which was Macs.

WEEK 3. JAN 15 - JAN 21
The first official week of school. And the week before CNY. So everyday me and Christine would chiong home after school. She would do her homework, and I will help with the 大扫除. So not much of spending too. But I think the novelty started to wear off a little, so this became my phone's new wallpaper;

WEEK 4. JAN 22 - JAN 28
CNY Week. Monday and Tuesday was fine because it was CNY. Then Wednesday was 团拜 at my house. My daddy treated my classmates to lunch. But I paid for it first. So was that my expenditure or not? I'm not sure. But if it was my expenditure, I would have exceeded the budget almost 13-fold. And if it was not, I didn't spend anything again that day.

WEEK 5. JAN 29 - JAN 31
29 Jan and 30 Jan went well. But 31 Jan was Amanda + Huijun + Pearl's birthday, so we went to eat Swensens, which ooops x: and I died x.x

My final conclusion after the whole month, I think it was really not reflective because too many things happened which is unlike my daily life. For example, school holiday + MC for one week + CNY. Technically, I was only put to the test maybe 10 days out of the 31, which would not really be that tough to get by.

Currently I am trying to save $10 a week for my end-of-year trips fund. It worked well this week, which I suppose it would because it is the beginning of the year where me and Christine and Amanda and Jiamin do not go home together so often yet. Things like clashing timetables and CCA schedule always happen until we step down. Especially true for me, where I go home early on CCA day because I do not have CCA on CCA day, and when they go home early, I have CCA. So rare are the chances we have to hang out together after school.