Singapore Airshow 2012 (Public Day 1)

Today is the first day I put on the Airshow 2012 exhibitor pass, and also the first time I put on the company cap (specially designed for the Airshow) and the first time I put on the company T-shirt with the new logo after the branding face-lift done towards the end of last year.

The first thing I did when I was inside the Airshow was to get lost finding my own booth T______T I didn't go with mommy and daddy because I went to school for PTP in the morning first. So I traveled there alone and got lost inside because I had no idea there was an information booth, or a handy map /: Walked a whole round just to get back to almost the front where Ryca was ._________.

Yao Xing came to visit me. Yayee him \(^_^)/ and he got pretty intrigued by the Oakley coming soon to us (: Anyone going to Airshow tmr please come surprise me 8)

I got to know really fun people, especially during the 3pm air display. There was this guy from the German school who knew so much about ESS when I did not think people besides me and those guards wear them. The guards / traffic wardens on the road to the Airshow are wearing a pair of ESS sunglasses each because my daddy gave them a pair each. On condition that they wear it on duty. Then after the Airshow they can keep it.

Some people thought I was working there and they asked how did I get the job. Worse still, someone thought my daddy was just a worker;
Guy: (Arrogant tone) I'm going to teach you how to do business.
Daddy: Okay...
Guy: (Demanding tone) Give me your name card.
Daddy: (Gives name card)
Guy: (Looks at name card) (Arrogant tone) I know your boss.
Daddy: I don't know you.
Guy: (Embarrassed and walks away quickly)
Good laugh seriously. Why do people want to come and talk nonsense before finding out the facts. Shouldn't he 虚心下问 and ask if we need his business ideas. He just proven to everyone at the booth that his business tactics do not work at all =.=

And then there was this two people who were waiting for me to finish some explanation to a Chinese national couple before they asked me the question. So then when I was done with the couple I turned to them and asked {How may I help you?}, and the young guy asked me for the price in english. Then so I replied in English. And the older guy next to him, said {讲华文。怎样,现在年轻人不会华文了?} in that kind of almighty tone. Was he blind? The people I was talking to before him happened to be Chinese nationals and I was conversing in Mandarin. And it was his friend who wanted to speak to me in English! And worse thing was that his mandarin also not say very good. I would say it's the very average Singaporean standard, and all I had to do was bomb him with some technical Chinese terms he immediately switched back to English. HELLO, IF YOUR MANDARIN IS SO MUCH WORSE PLEASE JUST KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT AND USE ENGLISH ALL THE WAY. NO NEED TO EMBARRASS YOURSELF BY SHOWING ME HOW BAD YOUR LANGUAGE IS =.= having said that. I do appreciate people who make the effort to converse with me in mandarin to practice. I see it as an effort and I don't mind speaking to you. But if you're here to prove yourself with better mandarin than me, unless you really got substance, SAVE IT.

Some people are just weird. But of course there were alot of nice people that I spoke too as well (: I wouldn't say I made friends with them cos even though we talked like more than half an hour, more than half the conversation was me introducing them to the items, and we did not even get to know each other's names.

Going to sleep now. Tmr is a long day on my feet again (: