Singapore Polytechnic Media and Communications Conference

It wasn't as grand as I expected, but yayee the goodie bags and refreshments (: the layout and setting of The Agency was pretty too (: although I wonder why there is like this ultra-huge pillar-cum-bookshelf in the middle of nowhere. People on the other side of the room have to leave their seats purposely to see the lecturer and the slides ._.

I think our group's poor facilitator was sooo bored because we kept talking among ourselves about our school stuff which he obviously would not understand.

And then it started. At 3.15pm I think. It was supposed to begin at 2.30pm ._. Then we had some group work which five groups had a chance to present, excluding Dunman High people, as usual. And guess what, practically everyone was using flash mob as their idea! T____T and then I thought that you cannot slam other people in your advertisements, but besides the group that decided to cooperate with Lady Gaga, most were making her look bad /: and I guess most people of our generation, don't really know Madonna that well. Especially me the anti-Western music person. So in the end it all ended up more like a pro-Lady Gaga ad although the criteria was pro-Madonna ._.

Anw the best thing about this was that I skipped bio lecture on the day the fruit machine rolled my name 8) HAHAHAHA.

I think changing CCA was the most meaningful thing I did this year. At the very least, I can see myself as being in, not just being there :D