What guys think.

Second and last week of campaigning but I still have not felt anything being done. Besides the posters in the canteen, which I think Peter's looks like it was part of the PAP election campaign. Of course I noticed the toilets have air-fresheners now, but it is still a very quiet campaign. And only two EP candidates. I remember when I was Y1, there were so many EP candidates and I did not know any of them personally I have no idea who to vote. But I have decided on my vote this year alr. It's a secret (:

Assembly was about safety. And the most interesting points may have well been what the guys think about the girls.

Like for example too innocent. I actually agree. Like for all the guys I know outside and inside school, they are really really nice people. Everytime something is about to happen, someone will be there to take care of the situation for me so I can screw up all I want. For example Deryk. He seems to always know what to do when things happen. And always there to help me carry stuff too for that matter hehe XP And I confess that I believe one of the most efficient methods to get things done is to 撒娇. But trust me, I rarely do that >.<

About HTHT. The teachers seem to find HTHT between girls and guys weird. But actually I think guys are like the best people to tell stuff to. Of course there is my clique and a whole lot of great girlfriends whom I tell stuff to as well, but guys seem to be able to listen better without interrupting and their mood does not fluctuate based on what is told to them. Clear-headed people who can look at the situation and say constructive things. And you can really tell them anything. Literally anything. Even that you're having cramps. And they'll be really nice about it still. Also, having a cold war with a guy and a girl is different. Like when you need to talk, the guys will still be there to listen, as if nothing happened. But if you feel like calling the girl, DIGNITY MATTERS.

For the househusband guy. Ermmm... Really? Live off your wife? If I ever find out who you are I am sooo not going to date you haha.

But the thing about that they think our school girls have great fashion sense and are not bimbotic? That's really the first time I heard that. I remember in Y4 Yiren introduced the word bimbo to me, and that was because he was saying I was one .___. But that means I'm pretty hehe :3

And what's with the too loud and too quiet being next to each other! So are we loud or quiet? I think I'm pretty loud, though I try to be low-profile in school (: but yes I do agree we are really not lady-like. But I guess that's cos we're so close to each other alr? Six years is a pretty long time, enough for all the unglam and stuff that there is nothing to be embarrassed about in front of each other anymore.

Wonder what the guys did for assembly. Must go HTHT with one of them soon LOL.