At Bishan Library.

Now I'm supposedly studying at Bishan Library. But look at what I'm doing heh.

On our way home, me and Christine were discussing how badly addicted we are to studying now. So much so that we may be losing our fashion sense O: like now we are not really into accessories anymore. We hardly walk into Accessorize, maybe just one time out of the whole of last month? ._. And things are starting to lose their relative value with respect to their own kind of things. It's starting to become {this can buy me a gong cha} or {this is the price of a nice pen}. And what do pretty pens and milk tea have in common? Well, we need them both to study! D: I AM SO GOING TO GET BACK MY FASHION SENSE AFTER As. Luckily there is still Miss Lee and Miss Soh and Mrs Chia to look at. If not we'll completely lose touch /:

Anw I promised myself I am not going to look back about my subject combi. Just mug hard and press on and stop regretting. There was once a choice, but now there is no option left. Except for one; which is to do well no matter what subjects I am studying for.

Last thing, Friday is off-day. I have not seen so many people complain about off-day before. We usually celebrate. I agree it is an extended holiday, but it's really the worst day to pick cos I only have to be in school until 12.45pm on Fridays! Excluding CCA, that is. 太不划算了! I was hoping either tmr or Wednesday or Thursday. And some of us were already planning what to do with our off-day (if it came) tmr. Screwed up my plans DDD:

Dying from mass PE now. And I suspect i'm stinking out the people in the library ooops x: but whatever. I'M WORKING HARD OKAY! >.<