Blue 2 Chalet

I think they should have checked out by now.

Mega ultra sadness I missed the Orchard Road fashion show last night D:
Over 150 models will showcase 11 fashion brands during the history's first runway on a closed Orchard Road.  The participating brands are Vivienne Westwood, Dsquared, J.Press, Dip Drops, iCB, Rosebullet, Paul & Joe, Maria Grachvogel and Just Cavalli.
But I told Deryk must take alot of photos (:

So anw Friday night I was self-imagining that the chalet was supposed to be yesterday and ZY was self-imagining that I knew it was that night. So then at 8pm ZY called to tell me I was the only one not there /: this teaches all of us to not make assumptions especially when dealing with a blur person like me.

Immediately rushed to get changed omg. And also cos my hair was in a total mess I just tied it into a bun while in the cab to hide all the mess >.< reached there at slightly before 9pm and then left after 10pm. reached home about 11.45pm. 3.5hrs out, but actually only 1.5hrs being at the party. What happened to the other two D:

On the way home I have no idea what got over Jiawei she decided we should all oovoo at night. So then I was up til about 1.15am with them and I showed them my panda pyjamas! :D Nobelle used oovoo for the first time it was pretty funny she kept making hearts and idk what else to the camera hehehe.

CTs start tmr. Wish me luck (: