Choice is the only choice.

Today me, Jiamin and Sijia, instead of going for normal PTP at school, went to School of Thought for GP class instead. The entire thing lasted from 9am to 3pm with a lunch break and a 15min toilet break during the sleepy time. Since all three of her PTP students were in the GP class, Jiahui had no students for PTP today haha. But anw Jiahui's job is also a teacher at SOT.

School of Thought is like telling me what I should have learnt in the whole of last year. Cramming in 10months worth of school into my brain in a day was no easy task /: but it was made simpler through the humour. For example the limbic brain demonstration of relationship and space. And when the teacher made funny sounds etc.

During lunch, I think most people went to Plaza Singapura or Bugis for lunch, and only four smart people, namely us and the demonstration guy went to SMU for lunch. Sijia said the rest of the people must be wondering why we were walking in the opposite direction as them. Then I'm wondering why would they want to walk so far for lunch ._.

After that I went with Sijia to the Cathay because she was watching a movie and I was waiting for my parents. So I sat outside the cinema for a long long time just watching the movie commercials run on repeats. And I was extremely drawn to the shows based on true stories, shows of humanity. Like My Way, The Vow, Big Miracle and some others. Also Titanic. I'd like to see Titanic in 3D (: but back to the humanitarian shows which usually sells based on their ability to come close with the human touch. Is it that humanity is so scarce in this cold, free-for-all called society, that we have to watch movies based on these true stories to remind ourselves that such passion for life, such care, such emotions still exist among us, among this jungle of cold, harder-than-rock buildings which houses lifeless and cold-hearted people?

And there was this young couple outside the theatre waiting for their show to start too. And by young I meant younger than me by a lot. I know I'm only 17, but they look like they're 14 or 15 only. The guy was also shorter than me. I don't really mind them dating and going for a show, but then they were like kissing in public. Already the normal dating couples like maybe above 18 years old who are out on a movie date don't kiss so publicly. But the two of them. 14 or 15 years old. I'm just disgusted at their behaviour. Maybe I belong to the older generation of conservative thinking. But omg my eyes >.<

Then went to watch Lorax 2D. I got some parts that I didn't really understand the last time. Like how the front part was linked to the back. The subtle differences when you rewatch it (: reminds me about me, Amanda and Christine's conversation about Disney movies. Hehe clique experiences that are so similar even before we got to know each other ^_^