Dare to Dream

I always thought people who dare pursue their dreams in the arts / music / cuisine / gardening career are really courageous people, unlike us who go through the mainstream education in hope of a good life after graduating from university.

I'm not saying that people in academic fields are not passionate, there are people who really strive to do well, just that maybe their passion arises out of their desire for a quality life. Like maybe, they would have even deeper passion for something else, if only people with certificates and those without were paid the same salary. They may claim that at the end of the day, they will still return back to their current career, but the problem is that they would not have been exposed to enough other careers to speak in such a manner. I don't think that the doctor at the clinic down the street has tried writing music and painting and arranging flowers and all. Maybe he did try a few and he did not like it as much as being a doctor, but is it just because he has not tried the one job that he will fall in love with much more than being a doctor?

Also, people who belong to these professions have so much more skill, I believe. It takes much more to create something than to do route learning. Studying to me may just be the most brainless thing. Like sit down, read, absorb / memorise. And then during exams, it's just verbal diahorrea. Throw up everything you know. The only thing is that this takes time. Alot of it. But what does not take time? Creating the perfect sculpture, cooking the most fantastic dish, this all takes alot of time too. And the amount of skill needed takes years to master. Studying needs no skill. There are so many cases of worst students coming in tops within less than a year. Anyone can study, as long as they put their heart into it.

The thing I am most passionate about happens to be crafts. But I am still stuck in this education system only because I am too afraid to step out. So forever this shall only stay a hobby.