Extremely Nice Day

I'm back into my normal mode now! \(^_^)/ screw CTs seriously.

So after the papers ended for this term me, Christine and Amanda went out for lunch at Fish and Co. (:

Jiamin couldn't make it as she already "has other plans" haha. But yea, I do agree she should go out to enjoy herself after her extremely challenging two days. And actually three days, if it includes Sunday where she had to hand in her jap thingy.

I haven't actually sat down, have a meal and laugh and say weird stuff to my clique for a long time already. Like no matter how close I am to my other classmates, I'm still always closer to them ♥
that was the nice lunch talk.

Fish and Co. was extremely generous today idk why. Like there was alot of cheese on our fishes, so much so that the tartar sauce was pretty useless and I could bite and pull the cheese :3 the lemon was also super huge slice. Either that or the lemon was super juicy. I squeezed so much lemon juice on my fish it was dripping lemon but I had not yet squeezed the entire lemon dry. And also they gave us an extra jug of water which we used to fill our waterbottles XP we looked around and no other table had it except us! :D
that was the nice lunch.

Then we went window shopping. We sort of realised that we kind of grew out of F21 already. So we walked other parts of Ion. Like River Island, and Mango and Accessorize and then we walked Wheelock Place's 2nd floor where we found out that where Borders used to be, Mark and Spencer will be opening it's third floor. It's already at B1 and B2 and now F1 as well. And the cool spiral escalator! And the cui woman in the poster and the cute(?) guy on the Dr Marten's wall. And creepy dolls and creepy contact lenses. And until today Swarovski crystal still judges. But I guess we were meant to be judged especially when we started playing with the rings because we found out how the balls worked ^_____^ but still!
that was the nice shopping.

Then I went for facial. Actually wanted to massage as well, but then cos I didn't book yesterday there was no slots available ):

And tonight, me and Christine (and possibly Amanda and Jiamin) will be going online shopping hehehe :DDD

Life rocks when you have such an awesome clique and such awesome times together (and you know they'll be there in the bad times as well).
Six years together. And counting.