Fear because time is finite.

School of Thought is more like a motivation + inspiration + civics + moral lesson more than a GP course. Like this morning when Mr Tong was talking about the girl and her mom, I actually teared. How long has it been since I last hugged my mom? ):

And SMU was a cold deserted place today, no lunch for us! D: so I ended up eating a bun and drinking milk from 7-11. I usually drink the small white Meiji milk, which I did today as well. But I noticed they were selling another new kind of milk with a cute picture of a cow on it! ^___^

At the end of our two days course, Sijia said she had already learnt whatever she wanted to, so I guess it was really fruitful for her! :D but after he kept on talking about context and all that, I really think I should continue because I am one of those immature people with limited experiences /: and I really want to know what else belongs under universal as well, because I have never thought about life in such a manner. Like how come that guy wore pants hahaha.

Then I met ZY at AMK Hub for 雪花冰! :D cos he promised that he'll buy me ice-cream after MCTs :D good thing I skipped lunch. Not that I would have rejected the ice-cream if I had lunch, but not having lunch made the ice-cream all the more appetising (:

Then cos while we were going to my bus stop I saw someone ._. Me and ZY ended up walking a few more rounds around the mall just to avoid taking the same bus >.< I know that's mean but it's always better to avoid awkward moments in life.