March Common Test 2012

We're the first batch ever to have CTs in March. But actually it's also not too long ago that our school started IP anyway. Everything's new and trying.

BUT I AM SO SCREWED D: I really studied hard for this CTs, please trust me. Even harder than for promos. But in the end I still could not do the paper. Not because I don't know how to, but I was having cramps throughout yesterday, today, and possibly tmr as well. That's like four out of the five papers T______T

Maths started off great this morning. I did like the first five questions in the first hour :D That's like almost half the paper already. Then I started having cramps again then by the time I completed the sixth question, it was already another half an hour gone. Then panic. Then cannot do. The whole paper is just screwed omg D:

And econs essay and GP summary as well. I start becoming highly delirious when I'm in pain. Not that I don't know what are the points, they just don't come out right. The econs case study and GP front parts were still fine. At least I was still sane then.

WHY ON EARTH DID I STUDY SO HARD WHEN THE OUTCOME IS THE SAME AS NOT STUDYING ANW ): I have just officially given up on the need to study. Unless they decide to hold CTs on better days unlike these.

One good thing that has come out of CTs;
me and Sijia shared and bought 100 pieces of polaroid film together and only $39 each (: