March Study Leave

Trust me, I have learnt to stop calling this holiday alr. But I think being me is a really great thing, because since Year 1 until now, I maybe have returned to school during the holidays like only up to 10 days. And compared to people who have overnight camps in school, I am one lucky girl (:

This week is job week, and I know because my sister happens to be a girl scout. Not that I have anything against girl scouts, because my sister is one, and Eileen is a nice person, and I can't seem to find anything against them. But I think girl scouts are like messing with the natural order of things. Like if girls can be scouts and boys can be brownies, then why was there a need to segregate them in the first place anyway? SOMEONE PLEASE ENLIGHTEN ME.

Also, I don't really understand some people. Like they purposely plan two of the same outing to the same place on the same day and then see which group have more people who can make it. So then they go with them and cancel the other one. And then they have the guts to post on fb those pictures after cancelling the outing with me! And all this while I have been rejecting people who asked me to go with them because I thought I will be going alr DDD: So now who will go with me to see the show?

And please if you want to plan an outing don't tell me like during the time itself. I'd like for you to give me at least three hours grace so that I can prepare to go out or at least I can tell you I cannot make it so please don't leave your house. You don't expect me to magically appear wherever you are right. How does that even happen? And then it becomes my fault I can't make it? I always try to go out when people ask, so if I'm free you can call me and I can leave my house immediately, but you can't take for granted that I'm forever free and at your call right? And sometimes, I am not saying always, just sometimes, bother to reply me when I ask something so that it is not so obvious that you only look for me when you have no one else to turn to. You do understand I have a choice in the friends I make and I can always reject you as a friend right? Try again and I'll just ignore you forever. GRRR.

For the past two days I have been having chemistry tuition. Five hours on Saturday and three hours yesterday. That's the most productive out of my entire study leave so far. But it's only Monday! One whole week to go ~ I better start studying soon though, or else I may never finish. Actually I'm not planning to finish because that's just impossible, but I should attempt to go as far as I can! >.<

Hopefully there will be ice cream tonight (: