MCS Live Broadcast

This morning the canteen was super empty because there was a make-up econs lecture for the Y6 Thursday slot, some people had CCA and flag-raising was to be held in the classroom. But in any case, the live broadcast in the canteen still persisted even without any audience >.<

This was the first broadcast of the year due to the many technical errors faced over the past month. And it was live in the canteen and I was there to experience it O:
Please pardon my messy hair which I have not yet tied up due to the early hours /:

The show was about the EP candidate's campaign and just some questions to ask them. Which ended really fast there was a need to get people to come up and ask questions which only one person did .__. the rest of the time was music + MCS jingle.

I already know who I want to vote for already. But vote's a secret (: I think I am only going to use five out of my eight votes for the normal SC candidates. Problem is I do not really know much about the juniors so my lack may end up with a wrong vote. But I shall just vote based on what I have seen happening over these two weeks.