Movie Outing!

Yesterday, my first time having group tuition and my first tuition since 2011 started! I'm starting to believe in tuition after yesterday cos it really made things easier to understand for me (:

And Jiamin was super funny she texted me during tuition to jiayou her bladder LOL. I was like giggling in class and I was sitting in the front row ._________.

Then me and Yu Sheng went to watch The Lorax!

The movie was super cute :3 the fishes ♥ and bears ♥♥ and the lorax ♥♥♥ and in the end the world was saved I was so happy. In my normal disillusioned state-of-mind omg. Dr Seuss' is really a timeless classic. Nothing beats a good cartoon (:

Poor Yu Sheng was running a fever ): and I knew there was a movie called Lorax but I did not know it was not showing yet. So I said I wanted to watch Lorax. And Yu Sheng went to buy the sneak preview tickets. YAYEE HIM \(^_^)/