Some people use their heart to love,

others are just heartless.

(disclaimer: the above statement was not targeting anyone. or at least i know who i'm targeting. i hope you don't find out it's you. )

I've never studied so hard my entire life. The amount of work I put in for the first two months + 10 days of this year may just be equivalent to the entire amount of work I did last year. Guess the heat's catching up on me /:

I guess most people have already realised, that besides the recent bio and econs test, I have managed to finish reading my notes before the tests (and for bio and econs, at least I actually got started on the readings). And I do agree hard work pays off, because I see it happening (:

Along the way there were many really supportive people. In general, they were the ones who kept me studying, the ones whom I could always disturb when I had questions about anything, and the ones who just did a little something to change my life. Love you guys <3

infer the missing paragraph and check with me for the answer

I am beginning to understand. About those who truly care for me, and those who don't. A simple enough theory, which didn't occur to me for a very long time. But simple things don't come easy. Ain't life if it ain't actually really complicated underneath.

Actually, let's just forget it. Really really really. It's unimportant now. I think I may have been studying too hard I'm becoming very 感伤. For now, let us all get on with life. And life says, March Common Test next week. START STUDYING TMR.