There's always a rainbow after the rain (:

Shopping started out depressing today. Me and Christine decided to go to Kikki.K because there was supposed to be pens selling for $1. But when we got there, we found out that we had to make a purchase first before pens would be $1. But then there wasn't anything we wanted to buy ._. And then the service people asked if we had membership and we both did. So they were like {Ohhh}. Proves how often we go there, have membership but nothing of interest anymore. Then there was nothing in Muji or Artbox or Daiso either. Daiso was really disappointing. Have they not stocked up since like the year started?

So shopping wasn't depressing because the things were unaffordable. It never is. It is always fun playing with cool stuff then dream of owning one of them sometime. This time, it wasn't about the money. There just wasn't anything to buy or just simply look at at all D: and this happens to be our first time in Ion since Clique Christmas. Is it that there ain't much left in Singapore already?

Then we decided to give it one last shot at Typo. AND THEY WERE SELLING PENS AT FIVE FOR FIVE DOLLARS 8) so we bought pens for ourselves and Amanda and Jiamin. And Christine bought a nice stamp. Typo is like cheap + pretty stationery. And even though there were stuff we couldn't buy, playing with them were such joy as well (:


We ended off the day with some food <3