Train fault. Again.

When things happen, it's called an accident. When things happen twice, it's called complacency.

Do people now take no pride in their work? Our ancestors were so hardworking. They built for us the most perfect and most infallible train system. All we had to do was maintain it well. Is that so hard to ask for? Or are the people doing the maintenance just putting up a show? Just bring their tools in, slack around and then come out, without actually doing anything productive?

Stop building new tracks. Take care of the existing ones. Quantity isn't everything. We need quality too. I know we're trying to increase productivity by cutting short travelling time. But the amount of man-hours wasted on directing people to the bus stop and the extra bus drivers needed is so much worse than if new tracks weren't built and the old ones were upkept. How does that even increase productivity? Or is it that Singapore has to be #1 in everything? Including #1 in the number of train breakdowns this year?

Oh and the person making the announcement at the train station, please stop emphasising that the shuttle bus service is free. It's not. We're using our time to pay for your mistake. In any case, I would not need to have to pay for the train because of the distance I took on the bus already. And even so, I do believe my $0.58 train fare is worth so much less than the extra time I spend on the shuttle bus.

Today is the first time I am stepping out of my neighbourhood since and including Monday. It's supposed to be a joyous thing. Totally spoiled my mood by the dead purple line =.=