When I Get Married, ...

I'll need a boyfriend first though haha. And now Christine knows all my bf criteria! So if you want to date me and need some hints on how to 加分 for yourself go ask her 8) but I still truly believe in that when the right one comes at the right time, no matter how much criteria I set and no matter how much of it he does not meet, I'll still probably love him more than the one that fulfils everything. Most important 就是要那种对的感觉 ♥ The only problem, I have not yet experienced it so I don't actually know what I'm talking about ._.

On the way home from school me and Christine were talking about bf criteria and getting married and our dream wedding, and then we started doodling it out;
This is our dream wedding layout. Think of lush green grass. An arc crafted of pink and white flowers and organza above the red carpet leading up to a podium. Benches made of rosewood. A white coloured grand piano. A pretty little veranda.

If there's a little trouble, here's some help;
Taken off the Toyota Camry video

Christine says my dream wedding sounds very expensive. But it's okay cos my bf criteria says it's not too expensive. But my bf criteria says the guy does not have to be very rich. There's another clause which will make him rich enough even if he has no money hehe :3

And then we were talking about plans. Like Christine plans to have three kids. She loves kids. But I don't. So my current plan to get a boyfriend and get married does not include having kids. But that does not mean I will not have kids, because I really believe that people should have kids before they turn 30 years old. Just like how getting a boyfriend and getting married is not in Jiamin's plans currently, but we know someday she'll get a bf and get married. She forever claims that she will just grow old and die single, but that's not going to come true. It's just that she hasn't started thinking of being attached yet.