Window Shopping!

I was being bored at home today when Linus came to talk to me online. Then it became one of those {I'm bored. Me too. Let's go shopping. Okay :D} moments. We tried to ask Alicia and Jiayu along. Alicia said she would join us for dinner but in the end she didn't ): but that's her loss cos the food was good! Jiayu says spontaneous shopping moments sound so bimbo. I don't mind being one, but maybe Linus does. But I don't think going shopping with Linus is a very bimbotic thing to do because he holds intelligent conversations and also cos he doesn't AHHHH at all cute things :3

We walked from Ion to 313@Somerset. We went to see all the expensive stuff like the upper floors of Ion and Mandarin Gallery and also some normal priced items like the bottom of Ion and Wisma Atria's Typo and Kino and NBC at Taka and Uni Qlo at 313. We ended up buying nothing but it was good fun! Better than staying at home :D I think the Linus was becoming a bored bunny because he had been home since Wednesday. WHY SO UNFAIR D:

At first I thought of trying Wild Honey at Mandarin Gallery for dinner. Nobelle and Bryan went the other time and Bryan was telling me how good it is. But then we ended up 313's Blue Mountain Cafe which was not bad as well!

Nice ambiance right? And the food was not as expensive as I had expected! Something like $20 each including the drinks (: Which we both had double chocolate blend;
The little bit of chocolate syrup on top is actually the "double chocolate". But the drink was pretty good! The chocolate was not too thin and not too thick either. And the chocolate was not too bitter, but enough to tell it is chocolate and not sugar with milk.

But the weird thing about the cafe is that all the waiters and waitresses were wearing their own clothes and they did not even have a name tag. So it's quite difficult to tell who's serving and who's not so it is safer to wave hands at those standing at the counter when help is needed ._.

My dinner was baked pasta;
It was pretty good too! Though I thought that maybe they could have been more generous with the cheese. But the baked penne was not overbaked so that it is not too dry (: Linus ordered a meat entree, which I felt was pretty weird since we were having dinner and not a full course meal but in the end his entree looked like a bigger portion than my food T_____________T

Next time when I go 313 with clique, we should go to Blue Mountain Cafe instead of Hot Tomato since it's almost the same price! :D But Hot Tomato has greater choice of pasta, unless we decide to eat steak.