Colouring Sand

Met up with Jiawei, Seok Yin, Jeffrey and Wee Min after school today. Main point was to teach Jeffrey how to make coloured sand and help Jiawei make her card she has owed her friend for six years! O: The other two people came to join in the fun :D because Jeffrey had 20 test tubes for us to waste heh.

When Seok came with KOI we went to buy Macs for dinner while waiting for the rest to arrive. Then when they did we started work. Or actually I gave instructions and watch them do hehe 8) At the same time I was helping Jiawei make her card which I don't think she thought I was very helpful cos I keep telling her {随便} .___. I think the people colouring the sand and adding it into the bottles got better with practice because the right one was what Seok did at first and the left one came after;
Notice the great disparity? The first one only had two colours and were pretty uneven, but I think she got better at controlling how much to pour in and mixing the colours over time (:

Oh this one is mine! :D
Colours are very dark cos it was the first batch of colouring. It's the only thing I did tonight actually. They all did the colouring, which Wee Min shaved the chalk until it looked like a pencil O.O and they made the rest of the test tubes too;

Pictures of them hard at work!

And the final products;

The two pics that I really liked;
Mama and Seok, kudos to the great handwriting! :D