Earth Hour 2012

Did you switch off your lights yesterday at 8.30pm? I know Starbucks did because I went there for the free coffee which is still sitting in my fridge now. I think because they switched off the lights in Starbucks most people who walked by thought it was closed and did not walk in. MISSED THEIR FREE COFFEE HA! XP

So anw, yesterday I was at The Lawn @ Marina Bay for Earth Hour. When me and ZY got there it was still pretty bright, and there were pretty purple-grey fake sunflowers as tall as us at the entrance;

maybe the flowers were only as tall as me and not ZY ):

Then the people at The Lawn gave us mats to sit down on and they gave us a bag of stuff to start making our light catchers! :D And then NJ arrived to join us;
Me and ZY's light catchers in-the-making! idk what he was doing in the end he gave up and decided to do it the normal way XP And mine so nice! :D

NJ making her light catcher!

Then DY and lionel came to join us but there were no more light catchers to be given away D: But the guys went to buy food and queue for free stuff lol.

Then as it turned dark we could use our light catchers! :D Sadly the pretty thing could not be captured by the Polaroid camera ):
my light catcher against the sunlight (: pretty right! :D

Then there was a free screening of Kungfu Panda 2, which we left just as it started. People must have been wondering why we stand up and block their view during the movie ooops x:

This year's Earth Hour was actually centred more around Orchard so Marina Bay was pretty empty. Unlike last year's where Marina Bay was the centre of attraction. But I guess the activity was fun so that made up for the lack of other things to do (:

April Fool's today but good thing no one decided to play a trick on me except ZY but this year I was pretty smart hahaha. The rarity of me not being tricked :D And me and Sijia's plan to wear super long socks to school on April Fool's failed cos 1 April 2012 happens to be a Sunday ): We've been planning since last year leh! >.<