Free Cone Day 2012

I have been aching the entire day today from my neck down. My shoulders hurt, my back hurts, my butt muscles hurt, my legs hurt, my thighs hurt, my arms hurt, everywhere is aching because of PE yesterday! D: but whatever the case, it's Free Cone Day only once a year and nothing can stop me >.<

My first free cone was with Christine and her church people at Cathay! :D Amanda and Jiamin ditched us so our clique outing screwed up ): worse still, we queued for an hour for the cone and had to climb up and down T______T that's like 7 man-hours or more with two people in great pain /: but in the end it was all worth it (:

I managed to teach Christine econs for whatever she fell asleep for in 15mins during the queue! But I think the juniors who were near us must have thought what muggers we are, queuing and yet unable to put down our books .____________.

I haven't seen Amanda and Leon and Mingjie in such a long time (: but everyone was being anti-social and I was being judgemental at some play which was going nowhere x: Then they went to catch a movie called {The Hunger Games} while I proceeded to look for the Heartware people at United Square which was quite a fast queue.

I had second helpings when Nobelle was in for 7 cones alr O: And Nobelle was wearing the necklace I made for her! :D She's so nice she hasn't taken it off except to bathe, I'm so touched ♥ But she said the bracelet was quite loose so maybe next time I'll do something about it if I remember to /:

And we lied to Wu Yue that her laptop was taken away by the cleaner by accident. And SK was super funny he thought it was real he went to the cleaner's room to ask for it! \(^_^)/

Then we chatted and talked alot about experiences and stuff like that through dinner which only three people ate. I guess it's pretty obvious what the rest had for dinner huh (: I went home for dinner though.

Should I go for ice-cream pancakes tmr? Or maybe I have had enough ice-cream this week? I had some yesterday alr and I still have an upcoming ice-cream buffet next Thursday ._.