I say very intelligent things.

I guess the best person to testify this would be Leste cos she really believes in it and sometimes she quotes me too! ^____^

Today I felt quite guilty towards a junior cos he was sitting at an empty table and then we just walked over and put our bags around him because there were no more tables in the canteen. Then he got kind of freaked out I think, but we told him to take his time. But he didn't listen and he just carried his bowl and walk off like a little afraid. We didn't feel so bad until we saw that he went to return his bowl which was still half-filled with rice D: poor junior who could not eat in peace because of scary seniors like us ):

Bio practical was cancelled so we had 3hrs break today! :D and I think it was quite productive because I did my tutorial so I can watch drama tonight (:

And most importantly, today will be my last mass PE if I pass NAPFA next week. WHICH I AM GOING TO EVEN IF I DIE AFTER THAT. Then I will be free 8) especially from those crazy suicide drills which I hated since Y1. It's totally suicidal omg. And today they extended it to 7 x 2 times. My poor poor leg going to die tmr cannot queue for free cone T_____T