Italian Gelato Lippolis @ CHIJMES

The fate-deciding gelato dinner. 

But in the end after the dinner ended I still have no answer. I most probably will end up making those test tubes for them no matter how reluctant I may be because I'm such a nice friend (: or how about because there has to be a minimum amount of materials prepared, such that making one only is completely impossible so I am forced to 顺便 make for them or else I'd throw the materials away which will be such a waste ._.

So anw yesterday was the ICE CREAM BUFFET 8) which I thoroughly enjoyed, although not as much as Nobelle. She ate the most number of scoops. I guess we ended up treating the ice cream as dinner, even though we were supposed to have dinner after that. 

The flavours were awesome especially my favourite dark chocolate ♥ but Seok Yin kept laughing everytime I smiled at her with my chocolate-stained teeth /: But she should be the one to be laughed at! Nobelle used Erwin's phone to send Seok's sexy photos to a medical student working in the same hospital as her! And then started saying weird stuff to him. The poor guy must have been sooo scared he hung up the phone when Nobelle picked it up! XP Wonder if he went to visit Seok on Level 3 today?

I liked the fruit flavours as well. Green apple, mango, peach, coconut were great :D But it was more of sorbet then gelato. I didn't really appreciate the buffalo milk one though. But Jiawei liked it. And the honey wings were very very nice!

And I'm so proud of Nobelle :D I made her a set of dove + cage necklace and bracelet;

And she has been wearing the necklace ever since! Finally someone appreciates my artwork (': I thought she would only wear it like once in a while but she has not yet stopped wearing it I feel sooo touched ♥ she would be wearing the dove bracelet as well if it was not so loose. Nobelle return it to me I shorten the strap for you so you can wear it always! :D

Also, I am very happy because she took a series of professional-looking photos of me while I was in the process of making this;

One of the reasons I love the photos is because I have never seen myself at work before. And it also serves as a keepsake of the first time I made costume jewellery out of the comfort of my own room where all the tools I need and the stuff are all available at my fingertips. Bringing the work out of room really forced me to think of the entire design before I left the house because of the constraints of what I can bring. Forward planning is important >.<