Kaleidoscope 2012 + Titanic 3D

I felt so classy yesterday because I spent my morning listening to beautiful music and then in the evening me, Laura and Sijia watched Titanic! This Sunday we'll be going to see the Titanic exhibition too! :D

The opening ceremony of Kaleidoscope was pretty interesting. Though short, it was one of the first integrated performances I have seen my school perform;
So that's the Combined Symphonic Orchestra (Band + CO) and Dancers.

Then was the PAC concert which was great music (: I liked the first piece by Guitar, although the feeling Guitar gave was like they were in such a rush to get off the stage, it was a little fast and messy. Elizabeth and Kaiwen's performance was also very talented (: But the juniors weren't as good, especially the pianist because she was super stiff. Not much body movements from her. I also liked the first part of {黄河水天上来}, where they rolled the green beans here and there and there was the blowing of the gourd too. But then I thought the 打击乐 people were a little too busy. They had to walk back and forth and back and forth. The Combined Symphonic Orchestra had a little too many violinists I think. Like half of the people were playing the violin. And more than half the violinists were playing the same thing. And no one brought out my favourite instrument ): But overall the concert was awesome :D

Then workshops. Which I think we got the best deal because ours was clay-modelling and alot of people were so jealous of our cute art works :D
Cute right! :3 But by the end of the day my Angry Birds tail fell off and Laura's snowman's nose broke off too ): And notice the big round eyes on Laura's Angry Bird? When we went to buy iPhone covers later, the sales people kept trying to convince me to sell them my Angry Bird I just GRRR at them haha >.<

But actually I really wanted to make this;
These two belong to the instructor. She was a really nice lady who let me stay a little longer to finish my product and also she said she would have given me the pig if not that she had to use it for demonstrations for the later classes as well ): But it's the thought that counts (:

Then food was crowded as usual. I bought a potato stick with sausage which was overspilling with cheese and a kebab which I saved for the movie. I used the oven at 7-11 to heat it up hehe /:

Finally the hall concert was just normal. The lion from the lion dance was just sitting there, the Egyptian dance was the same few moves over and over but I loved it when she pretended there was a rope and pulled herself towards to the drummer. The Brazilian martial arts dance looked to me as if it was a Brazilian martial artist fighting against some Chinese 武术 guy x.x

After the concert ended we checked the seats and so many seats were taken up within an hour! D: So then we rushed off, pretending we were not going anywhere just in case other people were going to watch Titanic as well and also we kept on reserving seats each time the timer ran out. We must have been screwing with the system hahaha. Then when we arrived we queued up in all three queues to see who will reach the counter first. Then we stopped reserving the seats so we could purchase them 8) Auntie max seriously.

On the bus to Cineleisure we met LingRong and Yibei who were watching Titanic as well. LingRong said my Angry Bird and Duck was very heavy, I had to carry them and look after them all the time. But it's alright since cute things are always worth the time (:

Then we took a Polaroid with the Titanic poster, but it was not at all clear due to the reflections. Then we drew in the book;

Then while waiting for the show to start, we played with Sijia's Lomography camera's flash filters using my camera;

All these pictures are 100% not edited because we managed to achieve this using flash filters! :D

Classics are truly timeless pieces of art. No matter how old that movie is, it still never fails to make me cry (': And for a movie which is 15 years old, it has an amazingly clear resolution and the 3D effects were pretty good too (:

After the movie;
LingRong said I could not upload her picture on Facebook because her face is red after crying hehe x: