Moleskine Notebook 8)

Prologue is currently having a mystery shopping bag promotion where you pay $10 at the counter and bring the receipt to the station to get a surprise bag which contents are worth a minimum of $30. So I decided to give it a go since anyway I'll gain from it (:

I think me and Sijia got a standard pack because two out of the three items in our bags were the same. But the different item was of greatly different prices. She got a $65 bag and I got a $40 bag. Although honestly, I think the stuff I got was more worth it, and she thinks the stuff she got was more worth it so it was a win-win situation for the both of us (: our standard pack was the $5 Prologue voucher and the $30 Moleskine notebook which we were both very pleased about :D

Sijia's bag with the idk what's that that Sijia says she can put on her bookshelf;

Mine contains a pack of four Faber-Castell highlighters which are more practical for me;

Dinner was 肉骨茶面线 which Alicia brought us to eat the other time. It's right outside William's so it was a good dinner choice (: I finally got to eat it ever since I started going to William's.

Then me and Sijia went shopping at H&M where she bought two super chio earrings which I was more supportive of learning their technique and design than paying for it.

Then there was a mini flea outside 313@Somerset with ultrachic handmade stuff <3 but handmade crafts are always expensive ): the only reason why I love them is because their handiwork is sooo much better than mine, not because I have no idea how they were made >.< how much hard work and practice they must have put in. Some kind of standards I may never achieve :3 I think some of those people buying it are so ignorant of the level difficulty in making it, it's so wasted on them.