PW Results

This may be the first time in six years that I have received national exam results. Not counting last year's HCL + 3rd Lang O-levels which weren't exactly O-levels either.

So the conclusion of today is that I am one step closer to my 7As, but it wasn't exactly a joyful thing to know ._.

Firstly, our cohort was 79% As and the rest Bs, and compared to last year's, our seniors were 96% As, and the rest Bs. So it was a great drop. And also, last year, they were the only school in Singapore to get above 90% As, and I guess this year was a disappointment.

And also it ain't fun celebrating when you know the people around you didn't do as well and are feeling sad about it. Suddenly doing well ain't all that great after all. It should be that we all progress together and not leave anyone behind.

Hopefully the actual A-level results will be a more joyful event (: