Random Photos from the Phone

I was doodling this during some assembly period where some guy called Daniel Wong came to give a talk. I actually took out this piece of paper to take notes but I only ended up writing something like 20 words which would at most take up two lines ._____.

These two were taken during the Airshow 2012 where I was helping out at the booth. The first one is of me and my Exhibitor Pass and my Ryca shirt and the second one is my Ryca cap. The cap is actually generic for all, the only thing that is changed is the name tag, so me and my sisters may have been wearing the same cap at different times except most people will be bluffed into thinking we own one cap each heh. Truth to be told, we really own one cap each haha. Anw my dad says the Ryca logo is sewn onto the cap and not onto another velcro to be stuck onto the cap because most people will bring home the cap and throw away the logo and the cap will no longer belong to Ryca >.<

$1 PENS FROM TYPO 8) I remember we were super depressed before we found these pens so it was a great perk :D

My Famous Amos cookies lunch box and a box of 人参片 I carry in my bag to chew on when I feel sleepy in lecture. Today Dr Yap scared Pearl when he asked her what she was eating in class. He actually didn't mind, but he just wanted to know what she was eating haha! And my mom didn't buy anymore Famous Amos cookies I'm stuck with eating rice crackers for the next few recesses ):

The swing on my rooftop. And the cute pig Deryk got me for Christmas :3

My calculator with the old bling and the new bling. I really wonder what they will do during A-Levels. Will I need to remove it? Then Sijia's leopard prints will have to go too ._.

The file I prepared for March Common Test. But in the end I only used it for Bio paper. Now I took out the cover and the three pages of contents I put in it and it's a brand new file :D

Pretty CNY nails by Sijia! I've been keeping this in my phone ever since she sent it (:

This is a sleep-inducing bunny. It's supposed to promote sleep by covering it over the eyes as I lie down on my bed. I don't really know how it works, but I know it blocks out all light so it's a good thing to use when I'm trying to take an afternoon nap (:

Me and Jiamin's breakfast after one of the PTP sessions.

Pasta from Fig&Olive since December when I met Amanda and we went $300+ shopping. Actually I was the one shopping .___. I remember the stupid one-for-one lunch joke which Amanda was so happy it was Monday! :DDD

Some random picture which I thought was pretty reflective of me so I downloaded it on my phone (: