Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition

Finally just 21 days before the exhibit is brought out of Singapore, and just 6 days before the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic, me and Laura went to see the exhibition! :D

I have been waiting sooo long to see this! I thought I was supposed to go with Jiawei, Deryk, Adeline, Natalia etc, but in the end it was cancelled so I guess this made up for everything (:

This morning I woke up on time. Then me and Laura had a bimbo conversation on whatsapp about what to wear later. Cos we wanted to be classy but then also not to overdress, and there are the little nuances here and there. Then in the end I was late ._.

Titanic Exhibition was awesome! 8) I loved the photo takings at the entrance and on the Grand Staircase even though it was overly pricey so we could not buy it ): And also the iceberg which some people were so courageous to hold their hands there for so long to carve a whole in it O.O and the pretty night sky and seabed floor and all the artifacts and descriptions. And also the long corridor and also the mock bedrooms ♥

And then we watched the documentary which showed us that the Titanic movie was truly based on real people and a real design of the boat. It's not one of those fictional stuff that has nothing to do with the actual story such as Macbeth.

Andy Warhol was not so great though. We didn't really understand the art ._______. But it was a good way to kill time as we waited for the show to start.

Lunch was after the documentary at Marina Bay Sands' Kraze Burger;

Laura says her dad wanted to try that so we went to QC for him first hehe (:

Looky at our burgers;
Original Burger (: the cute nice tasty coleslaw with jelly and corn ♥

Chicken Burger (: the chicken was grilled with black pepper so it was nice ♥

There was a Semi-nude Burger on the menu which was pretty interesting because it had no bread! But in the end we still decided on these burgers with the bread so we could enjoy it while we watched the baker bake the bread. And he was so amazingly accurate with the weights (: