What Has Education Done To All Of Us?

Education as we grow up is becoming more and more useless. I guess that's why adults tell you whatever you do in school is totally different from the workplace. But there's no choice. We have to push on, graduate and get a decent job.

When I was in primary school, they taught language. Pronunciation, basic sentence structure, spelling, reading and all, which is very important in communication such that the people in the world can understand each other through speech and writing.

Math was how to count, how to tell the time and basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. This is important because we need to be punctual and also we need to be able to count money.

Civics and moral education is the way people interact with each other, and how they are supposed to be courteous such that no one is so anti-social that he offends others and cause major chaos because of different / weird behavioural habits.

But then why do I need such in-depth knowledge that I am being taught in school now? Why on earth do I need sine, cosine and tangent. I know those who want to study medicine have to work hard at biology and chemistry. For me, language will be extremely important since I want to be a lawyer. For all the other subjects, studying has now become simply for knowledge's sake. But really, all else does not matter if you cannot even be human.

Being human means compassion, means respect for others, means understanding. I say this because I accidentally overheard a junior talking to her mom on the bus. Not like I really wanted to eavesdrop, but she was sitting not too far away and she was pretty loud. I don't know her. But I do know she was wearing a SJAB collar pin.

So that girl was talking to her mom about schoolwork. I guess that sounds fine, since it's a good means of parent-child communication. But she was using all these technical jargon which her mom doesn't really understand. So her mom asks her to explain and even though she did it, it was in a really irritated voice. Like she was blaming her mom for not understanding what she was saying.

Firstly, please understand that we are a really lucky generation to be able to receive such great education, and that your mom may not have been so fortunate. So if she wants to know, be nice and explain. We are all learning. Was your teacher so un-nice when she was explaining concepts to you?

Second, your mom came all the way to school to pick you up and take the bus home with you and this is how you speak to her? That will never happen to me, so please appreciate it. My mom and dad would rather sit at home and have me take the train back myself rather than do something which can be done independently without wasting their time and energy.

GRRR m(>.<)m