Act IV: Forgiven, Never Forgotten

EDS Concert 2012. Wenxin was the MC, and there was a surprise performance by Mr Ken (: it was pretty hilarious, just like always.

So I went with Jiamin to watch Amanda with her thick makeup. Hers was the only one that could be seen from the audience, but it was quite terrible because her lips were sooo red, but the rest of the makeup was pale ._. We sat in the fourth row with Pearl and Laura;
I was on the step below because I was wearing heels. But seems like the heels could do nothing to hide my shortness ):

The first show was The Ice-Cream Truck, followed by Ro-beng and Ju-lian. I like how The Ice-Cream Truck started with Egan making the ghost sound at some junior and then Ro-beng and Ju-lian ended off with the junior making the ghost sound at Egan. Makes the story seem rounded. Just like CS Concert.

I actually went to the concert thinking I would like The Ice-Cream Truck story more because the poster seemed more light-hearted and pretty. But it was actually a deeper story than Ro-beng and Ju-lian, which was super funny because of the random ghost and Egan being really weird. And Amanda was just being her normal self in both shows. Bimbotic + talking rubbish.

The most fun part was the five minutes re-run and backwards re-run of The Ice-Cream Truck. I really liked how they ended the whole thing off with {Welcome to 10 Tanjong Rhu Road}. I find that I take fancy with impactful last words.

After the show, we gave Amanda her concert present;
A pretty little necklace from Accessorize (:

Picture with Amanda;
See that copycat? In fact, the whole of EDS bought those Hello Kitty specs. I was sooo upset with Amanda I didn't talk to her for about an hour the other day she went to buy it. Now I have to change all my display pictures because of them D:

And Jiamin is wearing a skirt for the first time in more than seven years! :D I think people really give me alot of face. Kaiwen also wore a dress for the first time when she went to CS Concert with me this year :D I was wearing the dress me and Amanda bought while we were in America because she has never seen me wear it except for when I tried it out /: and I bought the headband in America too! :D the cardigan was from Dorothy Perkins.

And while we were waiting for the crowd to disperse, Mancini gave a bouquet to Iris the whole world was screaming x)

Then me and Jiamin went to Starbucks to wait for Amanda who never came. In the meantime, we were eating Jiamin's free birthday cake and playing with Instagram and camwhoring. Or I was camwhoring and Jiamin was doing serious work for her Japanese University Exam in two weeks;

Actually we were saying that I should be the one taking the paper instead because I seem to know how to do more questions than her in the GP multiple choice >.< although it was still really terrible XP

Picture from Jiamin's Instagram :D
I was like wearing heels which Laura said made me very tall but Jiamin's still taller ): and looky at my hair! So proud of it I blew it for 15mins in the morning >.<