Blueprint Emporium

Blueprint Emporium is a unique weekend shopping experience held as part of Blueprint, a fashion trade show which showcases the best of design talents from Singapore, the region and the world to some of the industry's top fashion buyers.

Here are 5 reasons why you should visit Blueprint Emporium next weekend:
1) The shopping event showcases exclusive seasonal and designer sample sales.
2) Some of the items are limited edition and you won't get it anywhere else, some brands have never step foot in Asia or Singapore before.
3) There's definitely something for everybody! Apparel and accessories for men and women, as well as lifestyle designer items from around the world.
4) You get to spot really cool designers from all over the world, New Yorkers, Parisians, Japanese, Germans, Australians...
5) When you buy emerging designer items, you are supporting the next generation of upcoming talents and our Wear Emerging Designers campaign! Let's do our part simply by... shopping!
When I first stepped in, I was amazed. The thing that first greeted the guests were diamond jewellery;

Further in were the clothes and accessories and bags that were totally awesome :3
Looky at all the necklaces hanging on the hangers :D

This area only has women's clothes (:

Handbags! :D

The three convention halls were revamped into a classy ballroom (: and there was also irresistible free-flow Magnum ice-cream! :D

I went there after PTP so I felt super underdressed and self-conscious /: everyone was strutting around in their classy, stylish attire. I saw some people in redesigned kimonos, in pretty dresses, in all sorts of clothes I wouldn't see on the streets. Including the kids. Even if it were unconventional dressing, there was still something showy and fashionable about it, and I totally know these people wear expensive clothes all the time. And the poor JC kid had went in school uniform and $0 sports shoes. The most expensive things on me had to be my glasses and my earrings and my jacket.

I have been expecting this event for like a week already, and I didn't really think I would end up walking around looking at the floor feeling depressed about myself and worried about being judged and being afraid to speak with anyone D:

Lucky for me, my dad and mom came along, and of course they were enjoying the shopping more than poor little me >.< people were willing to talk to them at least.

I got to try on some really cool diamond rings from Italy. Three on one finger. Imagine that 8) These rings have only been in the market for 2 years and Blueprint was their Singapore debut! :D the rings were not the romantic kind, but more of funky and bling. And there was S, M, L sizes o.o I didn't take photos of them but it was nice.

We bought stuff, but I'm not going to share pictures XP