Class Phototaking

Miss Lee so cute right! :D

I remember on Wednesday Miss Lee asked our really couldn't care less class to do her a favour for her one more Prada that would come from her performance bonus. And that was to be our class photo.

I guess our class was the most draggiest class ever. We took photos for more than an hour, and this time it had nothing to do with the crowd, because the crowd was waiting for us ooops x: Actually not that we weren't taking photos. We just weren't taking photos as a class. Or maybe we were, just not in the same picture hehe. 

Our informal shots were {The Mustache Thing};

{The Logo Game} balloons;

Sylvia had this damn fail Hello Kitty balloon. And Yu-zhen drew 宅急便 cats. There were smileys and Nike logos and alot of cute cute stuff like the Fluff! :D I drew the Ryca logo on my balloon too. Except no one knew what it was ):

Then the final one was Drakon tee where everyone squashed each other :DDD And Miss Lee lost five crystals on her shoe /:

Then how we got rid of the balloons? Step on them on the 正心园 grass;