I was forced to go to watch the A Div Basketball Boys 3rd and 4th Placing (DHS vs RI) in the afternoon. All our great plans to pon failed, me, Christine, Lixin.

Well at least we were sitting in a sheltered area all the time and I didn't have to move as much as if it were PE. My leg muscles really hurt today. Like I slightly pulled my hem string or something in my sleep.

Initially when Mr Chew made the announcement about us going to the game I was like SIANNN T___T but when I got there it was all hyped up and cheering I was pretty much enjoying the game :D

There was a pretty stark difference between the boys from RI and those from our school. Our guys were tall and thin, but the RI guys were not as tall (I can't call them short, if not I'd have no idea where to place me /: ) and also they are super muscular. You can really see their muscles when they wear those sleeveless basketball jerseys. I wonder why my neighbours aren't like that. Or maybe they are not the bulky kind of muscular but the skinny kind of muscular. If anyone actually understood that.

The RI guys played foul alot. They had four players who hit five fouls and they also had players who drew fouls. Like the person carrying the ball would purposely ram into our players and then get a free throw. So what if you are muscular and it won't hurt? What happened to the integrity? And although you don't hurt did you consider the fact that our poor skinny guys would get hurt? HMPHHH >.<

The RI supporters also seem to lack creativity because they were copying our cheer! The one where if the ball went to the other side we would scream {Defend!} and clap clap with a very nice rhythm. Seriously? Show off some of your school cheers please! Of course they could not copy the 德明加油 cheer heh (: and I guess not the 防守 one also because even I could not hear what we were cheering, much less them who were sitting at the opposite end.

And there were these three people sitting behind me and Lixin who were like free commentary. I guess they were ex-basketball players but have since graduated. I think they were sitting at the wrong side because they were kind of really critical of our players. If they were RI supporters then why not just sit at the other side? I'm sure the Rafflesians will appreciate the good things they say about RI and the bad things they say about us.

Oh about Lixin, she watches MBA so she was trying to explain the game to two poor clueless souls, me and Miss Lee. She say we really cute because we were trying so hard to get it :3 I really learnt alot about the game today (:

Kudos to Isaac who was the only one I noticed to have played all the entire hour without sitting out. I guess it's cos his defence is really amazing. And cos he is sooo tall he just stood behind the RI guy who was lifting the ball up and Isaac effortlessly tapped it away XP

Overall, the scores were super close. We won 60-55 but it was a pretty last minute thing. At the last 1.29s we were actually only 57-55. And then the RI people fouled again so we got a free throw hehe ^___^ I guess Laura had her wish come true. She wanted to watch a match where the scores will be super close throughout the game, but in the end Dunman will win.

Yup, well done A Div! :D