Erwin Turns Twenty-Wan

Jiawei, Deryk and Ade ditched us on the day itself! D: but Ade didn't really ditch me, she saved me from boredom in school by asking me out to Orchard Road where I finally bought my Sarasa pens from Prologue! :D but just in the afternoon Sijia just told me that I am still missing one colour O: I must go get it tmr! >.< I originally had no plan to spend money. I wanted to sit in school and study, but it was not working out either because of the terrible brain drain from GP CTs that morning. Then I watched Ade have dinner at some chicken rice stall where we shared a table with another couple because the place was too cramped.

Then I went down to Erwin's birthday where it was cluttered with his HCI friends, and there was only five of us /: actually there weren't alot of them either but we made friends with those people! They're really nice and I learnt that Erwin's ex-CCA is actually gymnastics! O.O I'll never be able to do that kind of acrobatic stuff.

The original plan was a bar party somewhere in Clarke Quay. But because Erwin's mom offered, or should I say insisted, to pay for all of us, Nobelle rejected the idea. But a picnic at the Promontory @ Marina Bay was pretty awesome too (: the cool sea breeze and the great night time view of the city skyline, while enjoying pizza and home-cooked noodles and drinks and Awfully Chocolate cake! 8) which Erwin translated to 恶心巧克力. Poor cake. It was sooo good but Erwin called it names ._. We sat in the middle of nowhere. Like literally, right in the middle of the grass patch with no other people picnicking, and only one other group of people having a photo shoot.

And cos it was a Wednesday evening, Nobelle was like chasing me and Bryan home. Which I was obviously against. So in the end I got home slightly before midnight. And my phone had died for more than five hours already. Sometimes I really wonder how I manage to survive without a phone once every three days.


Today was the last day of school and the start of GSS, which me and Christine bought cute little sticker sets at $1 each from Prints! 8) Original price was $4.90. Lunch was Crystal Jade 拉面小笼包 with Amanda, who went back to school after lunch for EDS rehearsal again.

On the train home, Christine said something about we have only 16 weeks more to graduation. Then I started feeling sad, because we're coming to the end of my six awesome years in this really amazing part of my life I would never give up; Dunman High School. At the end of 16 weeks, what would I do if I no longer get to see my clique on a regular basis? It feels like I'll be missing a big part of me. But apart from feeling sad, let us be happy it has happened. And I am glad it did.

One of the things we brought up while feeling sad is about how we managed to last so long despite not being in the same class, same CCA and even with very different timetables. Six years is no joke. Then we started talking about when we first started being a clique back in Year 1, we had no idea what was cheap or expensive. We used to spend money in a much more crazy way than now. Meal at outings were always Pepper Lunch, Swensens, Pizza Hut or some other restaurant, since we could never see the other alternative called the food court. It did not even exist in our dictionary. Even now, I hardly ever go there. Maybe at most five times a year? And we vaguely remembered that during some clique outing which some other classmate crashed, she made a comment that we ate very expensive stuff and we were all like {Huh? I think quite okay what.} To the person whom I don't remember who are you, I guess you must have become very broke after that meal which we had no idea that not everyone can afford ooops ._.

And also, last time we will buy a lot of random, rubbish stuff which we liked. Popular was never a choice for stationery. Neither is it now, but last time, we'd just buy stuff off the shelf in those expensive, classy shops. But now, we'd walk in, take a look, and say it's cheaper online. Then order it. Or wait for it to go on sale. So now, although we don't spend less, we buy more with the same amount (:

I haven't graduated and I feel the nostalgia kicking in already /: