Ferrari-Taxi Crash

This was a highly disturbing image O: but then I want to ask what is that taxi driver doing with a video camera in his car. Is it because he has been accused of accidents so many times he has to install a camera in it to prove his innocence? Then what are we as a society doing to the cab drivers? Treating them like the losing party in a blame game when something happens?

Since there are usually no cameras in cabs, this cab driver must have, out of his own initiative, installed it. Then may I ask, if a cab driver can do that, it must be pretty cheap to do so. Then why have police cars, for so many years, have not yet succeeded in installing a camera in their cars despite the topic being much discussed? Why is our government working at an efficiency rate much slower than that of a cab driver? I'm not trying to be discriminatory, but I thought my parents paid taxes to get things done. I think the cab driver did pay his taxes as well, no?

Anyway, from what I see in the video, the Ferrari must have seen the light turn orange and thought he could beat it from a mile off. Then he sped, but missed, so the poor cab that drove a little faster died. Poor guy. He couldn't even have seen it coming because the Ferrari must have been too far away to see.

And to all those who own Ferraris out there, I suggest that you drive another car these few days until the stigma dies out. And those who own sports cars, just drive a little slower and pretend to care for the rest of Singapore even if you do not okay. Play the cache-cache game.

And just to quote Boss Justin's fb;
The generalizing has got to stop. Not all foreigners are bad, neither are all the bad ones foreigners. One Singaporean prisoner does not make the whole nation a society of prisoners either. However, the ones that are tarnishing the image of their own countrymen has got to stop. Respect to be respected.
This one person's wrongdoing does not equate to all his countrymen so let us just stop criticising all of them in one sweeping statement. And I mean it. I study in a Chinese school. I interact with all these Chinese people everyday. Chinese Chinese. Singaporeans with parents who are Chinese. They are all not as bad as what the people on the floor make them out to be. They are humans too. So why not just condemn the deceased who caused this entire thing instead of scolding all the poor Chinese people living in Singapore all at once.


Alright. Now for some happy event :D My family took our weights again today. The last time we took was in Jan.
Daddy: 55kg to 60kg.
Me: 41kg to 43kg.
Colleen: 38 to 40kg. Finally omg. And she's taller than me T_______T
Celine: 29kg to 30kg.
Mummy: stagnants at 45kg.